Guest Blog Post by Jessica Caviness, owner of The Clutter Slayer

When we look around in our homes, we can often feel overwhelmed with the clutter or even the amount of organized stuff that we possess. I find it helpful to take a step back and first think of how we want our space to function and what we truly need to accomplish that.

Getting a room or area of your home to the point where you enjoy being in it can be as simple as rearranging furniture, or it may need a complete reboot. Either way, these goals can be accomplished with a simple approach to organization.

Set your ultimate goal and take baby steps to get there. Tackle one box, one drawer, or one shelf at a time and you will realize that little by little you can create a space that you love.


Jessica has always loved the art of organization. As time went on, she realized that her passion could help others find relief and joy in their homes, and in 2015, the Clutter Slayer was born. In her free time, Jessica volunteers with local non-profits and strives to help members of our community in need of support.

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