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Puppy School begins on 9/03 through 9/24 from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. This is an Obedience Level 1 class and we learn A LOT in 4 weeks time. It is fast paced, fun and educational.

First Week
Look at Me (Focus and Communication)
Paws up and OFF (NO jumping!)
Puppy Push-up’s (Sit, Down and Stand)

Second Week – SAFETY!
Leave it! (Don’t put it in your mouth)
Out (out of your mouth)
Recall (Come or Here)

Third Week – Mindset and Impulse control
Place and Settle
Leash Pressure and beginning steps to
Loose Leash Walking

Fourth Class
Review/test and Class Graduation

Puppies must have all of their puppy series vaccinations complete, and a current bordetella. For all of the other classes proof of up to date vaccinations must be emailed to us prior to the first day of class.

To Register please email me at Suzanne@McMinnvilledogtrainer.com

Group Class Fee is $165.00 per dog and handler team.