Guest Article by Jennifer Leonard, Owner of Evolve Personal Wellness

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My name is Jennifer. I am the owner of Evolve Personal Wellness, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and lifestyle coach. I am new to Oregon and also Co-owner of Planet to People, in Carlton.

I have been a licensed holistic medicine practitioner for almost 15 years and am still impressed by the power of education. While I practice acupuncture and other physical medicines, I have seen the most improvement made when my clients learn what their unique needs are and how to fulfill them.

I see my role as one of an educator first, a partner in exploring your path to wellness second and as an acupuncturist/herbalist third. Working with me usually includes treating the aches and ailments with acupuncture, food as medicine and herbs as a stepping stone to remind you how it feels to be balanced, strong and well. The rest of our work is putting together a plan that is achievable for you, no matter what your schedule, family commitments or health history holds. With a strong plan, most people can learn how to keep themselves in that balanced, healthy place and how to troubleshoot when times get tough. Honest conversation leads to us figuring out which steps are reasonable for your life so that your health goals are met.

I often help navigate others towards resources that will help them move ahead in a way that aligns with their values and keeps them engaged in their own self care. My training in Mind-Body medicine and Chinese medicine has helped me understand that each person has a true ability to heal when they are given the resources that fit their learning style and core values.
I offer one-on one appointments in Carlton, telehealth visits and group mindfulness classes. Let me know how I can support you in your goals.

Thanks for having me in your community, I look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer Leonard Evolve Personal Wellness

ABOUT THE AUTHOR— Jennifer Leonard

Jennifer has a master’s in TCM from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California, which included an internship in Chengdu, China. She has been practicing acupuncture and TCM for 14 years in a variety of environments, including creating an integrative medicine and acupuncture program at Good Samaritan Hospital in Denver, working at acupuncture clinics, teaching in a masters level Chinese Medicine program and establishing a private practice. Her focus is on food as medicine and helping her clients understand the connections between the environment and their health.

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