Guest Blog Post by Michelle Golden, co-owner of Golden Girls Pottery

Art is fundamental to life. We all learned the impact art has on us during the early days of the pandemic. Whether we spent our time listening to a good album or podcast, reading a book (or a lot of books), binging Netflix, or even painting some pottery, art is what entertained us as the world seemed to fall apart around us. We learned the truth of the saying “‘Earth’ without art is ‘eh’.” Art kept us sane.

With our pottery, you don’t need any training or even talent. If you can hold a paintbrush, dip it in glaze, and smear it around on a piece of pottery, congratulations, you’re an artist! You’ve created a beautiful piece completely unique to you. No one else could make that piece like you. If you need more instructions, tips, tricks, and techniques, we’ll provide those. If you goof up, we’ll teach you how to fix it. There is no such thing as perfection at Golden Girls Pottery; there is only the opportunity to learn something new and to have fun while doing it. It can also be where you come to sit in the window, put your headphones on, and get lost in the movement of creating. It’s meditation. It’s therapy. It’s prayer. Or it’s just a good time laughing with friends and making a mug we have to keep in the back because it’s what we call naughty pottery (we love it!).

At Golden Girls Pottery, art shapes our daily lives. Yes, it provides an income, which is always delightful for a business to do and is quite important to us. Yet, most days what sustains us is the opportunity to share and engage in art with our customers. We watch painters of all ages discover an unrecognized talent, a new hobby to enjoy, an old love from their childhood that brings their mom or grandma fresh into their heart because they used to paint pottery with them. We share in birthdays and anniversaries. We even once witnessed a wife giving her husband the news of an impending bundle of joy, announced on a feather magnet she painted for the occasion, which happened to be their ten-year wedding anniversary.

Art connects us. I painted pottery with my sisters, mom, and grandma, so it was natural to share it with my daughter, Jocie, when a paint your own pottery studio opened in our hometown in Montana. We’ve painted pottery together since she was nine years old and have since shared painting pottery with our family. It’s a story shared again and again in our studio. We consider ourselves two of the luckiest Golden Girls this side of Blanche’s boudoir. Yes, two-thirds of our ownership has been surviving a pandemic, but we made it with your support. We’re excited to see what the future brings and we’re grateful we get to spend it with you, our wonderful and talented customers, our community. Thank you for painting with us. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Michelle and Jocie Golden
Golden Girls Pottery

Golden Girls Pottery


Michelle Golden was born in Montana. She lived there most of her life raising her daughter, Jocie, and working for state government in natural resources restoration. After fourteen years with the State of Montana, Michelle moved to Oregon to be a writer while Jocie studied to become a professional tattoo artist. Plans were altered when the opportunity to buy the local pottery studio arose and mother and daughter leapt at the chance. Today, they own Golden Girls Pottery in downtown McMinnville, Oregon.

In addition to painting pottery, Michelle writes short stories and is currently working on a novel. She also enjoys reading, crochet, and watching too much television. Her favorite kind of Oregon day would be partly cloudy skies with sprinkles of rain and a breeze through the open window while snuggled up with a soft blanket, a great book, and a hot cup of lemon tea with honey.