Welcome back to Drake Farms. A first generation, family run farm in Yamhill, part of the breathtaking farm and wine country of the Willamette Valley.

We pasture raise specialty livestock for Chefs and food lovers alike. If you are interested in ordering pastured raised Pekin Ducks, please email us at gregg@drakefarmsoregon.com – we love serving this community with the freshest, most delicious Pekin Ducks the Northwest has ever seen.

We left our city life behind because everything is better when you have the beauty and the opportunity of the outdoors; animals and how they live, meat and how it tastes, children in how they are raised, our family and how we love our lives.

We felt destined to be a part of the agriculture resurgence and share our passion and endless curiosity in understanding the way food gets on our table, through our own pasture-raised meats and farm experiences, available for all to enjoy.


Phone:  818.613.5197

Email:  gregg@drakefarmsoregon.com

Drake Farms Yamhill Oregon