The Marigold Inn is an enchanting, layered, and eclectic two-room lodging built in 1894. Her history remains shrouded in mystery, though it can be imagined through the veneer of various surfaces, some distressed and incomplete, found throughout the space. Her doors and windows are original and her spirit, after many decades of life, is wise and playful.

The two rooms pay homage to classic fantasy novels. Narnia, a semi-hidden cozy gem, encourages you to leave your worldly concerns at the door and allow your imagination take over for awhile. Narnia contains a double bed, spacious wardrobe – be sure to peek inside – and restful vibe complete with the entire Chronicles of Narnia and comfortable chairs in which to read them.

Gandalf’s Boudoir is where the wizard relaxes after his long adventures, inviting you do to so as well. The queen bed is rumored to be the most comfortable outside of the Shire, which is perfect whether you’ve been wine tasting, hiking, or fighting Balrogs. The stained glass windows encourage daydreaming and create a magical golden hour as the sun sets in the west. The room’s soothing tones help you to enjoy the moment and ponder what magic you might want to bring into your experience.

Owner/Innkeeper Cynthia Lopez resides onsite and has a knack for recommending great wineries to visit, hikes and outdoor adventures, hidden and lesser-known Yamhill County adventures, and making deliciously strong coffee.


Address:  736 NE Galloway Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128

Phone:  971.227.5040