Interview with Marilyn Affolter,
owner of Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery

Originally published August 2019

Tell​ ​us​ ​a​ ​bit​ ​about​ ​your​ ​business:

​What​ ​does​ ​your​ ​business​ ​offer,​ ​and​ ​how​ ​long have​ ​you​ ​been​ ​around?​ ​ 
It​ ​was​ over 5 years​ ​ago​ ​that​ ​I​ ​opened​ ​the​ ​doors​ ​to​ ​the​ ​gallery with​ ​the​ ​desire​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​a​ ​resource​ ​for​ ​local​ ​artists​ ​to​ ​sell​ ​their​ ​work​ ​here,​ ​in their​ ​own​ ​community.​ ​ ​Quickly​ ​the​ ​gallery​ ​has​ ​become​ ​a​ ​purveyor​ ​of​ ​fine​ ​art​ ​and the​ ​artists.​ ​ ​We​ ​have​ ​all​ ​mediums​ ​represented:​ ​oils,​ ​pastels,​ ​watercolor,​ ​acrylic, assemblage,​ ​fine​ ​art​ ​ ​photography,​ ​clay,​ ​jewelry,​ ​fiber​ ​art​ ​and​ ​our​ ​newest acquisition​ ​pieces​ ​done​ ​in​ ​the​ ​ancient​ ​art​ ​of​ ​egg​ ​tempera.​ ​ ​We​ ​are​ ​located​ ​just​ ​off third​ ​on​ ​Evans​ ​Street.​ ​ ​Upon​ ​visiting​ ​people​ ​find​ ​an​ ​intimate​ ​space,​ ​the​ ​perfect blending​ ​of​ ​a​ ​working​ ​studio​ ​and​ ​a​ ​fine​ ​art​ ​gallery​ ​and​ ​museum​ ​quality​ ​gift​ ​shop.

How did you decide to get involved in this line of work? How did the business get started?  
The business started from a text message of a good friend saying “check out this great space”. I had no intention of opening a gallery, but it seemed a natural result of many talks that artist friends and I had been having of the need for a fine art gallery in McMinnville, showing that we can sale fine art in here in our own community. It has now become an outlet for over 30 truly fine artists as well as a place to work on my own art.

Tell​ ​us​ ​a​ ​couple​ ​things​ ​you​ ​are​ ​proud​ ​of​ ​about​ ​your​ ​business.​ ​

What​ ​are​ ​you known​ ​for?​ ​What​ ​separates​ ​you​ ​from​ ​the​ ​competition?​
The​ ​Quality​ ​of​ ​work​ ​from the​ ​artists​ ​represented!​ ​ ​It​ ​is​ ​phenomenal​ ​and​ ​many​ ​customers​ ​have​ ​expressed this.​ ​ ​Some​ ​of​ ​our​ ​artists​ ​are​ ​nationally and internationally​ ​known, yet​ ​the​ ​space​ ​is​ ​intimate​ ​and​ ​welcoming,​ ​inviting​ ​people​ ​to​ ​stay​ ​and​ ​look​ ​at​ ​high quality​ ​art​ ​and​ ​talk​ ​art. Each​ ​show​ ​is​ ​beautiful,​ ​changing​ ​every​ ​month!

Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery

What is your favorite part of running this business?
I have personally found that the most rewarding thing has been working with the artists and helping them earn a living in their chosen artistic career. A great plus has been developing good friendships with them all.

Who is your ideal customer/client? Who do you serve best?
Those that love art! And we all do. We try to break down the barriers that art is “only for the well-to-do” and that a fine art gallery does not have to be intimidating. We make purchasing an original piece of artwork accessible and enjoyable.

Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery

Are​ ​there​ ​any​ ​special​ ​promotions,​ ​annual​ ​sales,​ ​or​ ​special​ ​events​ ​that​ ​you’d​ ​like to​ ​mention?​ 
The​ ​gallery​ ​is​ ​changing​ ​shows​ ​every​ ​month, and is always bringing in new work or a new artist.  Often we offer community activities like hands on art projects, art seminars, free concerts, poetry readings and the most recent addition of the annual I Phone Photography contest held in January.​ ​ The​ ​best​ ​way​ ​to follow​ ​what​ ​is​ ​happening​ ​is​ ​join​ ​our​ ​email​ ​family​ ​at​ ​​.

Is​ ​there​ ​any​ ​other​ ​information​ ​you’d​ ​like​ ​your​ ​potential​ ​customers/clients​ ​to​ ​know about​ ​your​ ​business?​ ​
​I​ ​believe​ ​in​ ​the​ ​power​ ​of​ ​beauty​ ​and​ ​that​ ​it​ ​can​ ​make​ ​our lives​ ​better.​ ​ ​The​ ​original​ ​works​ ​represented​ ​in​ ​the​ ​gallery​ ​do​ ​just​ ​that. All artwork is available for purchase. We ship worldwide. For further inquiries please contact me at 503.835.1610 or  Most of all enjoy!

How​ ​do​ ​you​ ​see​ ​your​ ​business​ ​growing​ ​and​ ​improving​ ​over​ ​the​ ​next​ ​couple​ ​of years?​ ​ ​
We​ ​are​ ​in​ ​constant​ ​growth​ ​in​ ​making​ ​art​ ​work​ ​accessible​ ​to the community is various ways.  The​ ​gallery​ ​is always in transition​ ​as​ ​the​ ​online​ ​gallery.

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