Guest Blog Post by Brenda Smola-Foti, founder of TABULA RASA FARMS

In the era of big Ag and factory farms, regenerative farming is as much a passionate mission as it is a business. It is about sustainability and respect for the land and the animals that provide us with sustenance. It isn’t an easy way to farm. It takes time, commitment, hard work and the unshakable belief that when you cultivate harmony between land, animals and people you create health for each.

If you are reading this, you likely already know and support the benefits of buying local from farmers who go that extra mile to grow and raise healthier food. Our commitment at Tabula Rasa Farms is to respect the land and the animals we raise and provide clean, healthy food that hopefully will find a place at your table.

Tabula Rasa Farms raises grass-fed, grass-finished beef, forested heritage breed pork and pastured laying hens for delicious farm fresh eggs. Through permaculture and a regenerative-based approach to the land, we have built a sustainable farm ecosystem where the land, animals and people work together to support health for each one naturally.

To do this we focus on building the best pastures possible and that starts with water. It is quite literally the energy of life. As I have learned more about the science of water, I am consistently amazed and awed at the ripple effect it has through the whole web of life, from powering photosynthesis, to enhancing the richness and character of the soil, to creating the ecosystems where life thrives.

By combining permaculture water retention strategies with regenerative farming methods like managed rotational grazing, we are able to give our animals rich, verdant pastures upon which to graze and grow naturally and humanely. In return, they give us the gift of flavorful, nutrient dense meat that reflects the unique characteristics of our land for our signature artisan beef and pork.

We raise only the finest heritage breeds of pork, the American Guinea Hog and Berkshire pigs. Both are known for their depth of flavor, rich marbling and juicy tenderness. They are free to roam and forage in our pastures and forest land feasting on wildflowers, truffles, wild apples and falling acorns contributing to their deliciously unique flavor. Terroir is definitely not just for wine.

Our beef comes from Dexter and Scottish Highland cattle. They are exclusively grass-fed and finished. Though we are not certified organic, we follow organic practices that preclude the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and routine antibiotics in our farm operations.

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Brenda Smola-Foti is the founder of Tabula Rasa Farms. Her roots in farming go back to childhood when Brenda worked on her dad’s Oklahoma cattle ranch. During those years she watched the evolution of the large agribusiness model of feedlots and fast fattening of cattle to deliver low cost meat begin to negatively impact the land, animals and family farms in the community. She left the ranch to pursue her passion for art and design but her love of the land and animals never really left her. As she says, in her heart she always knew she would come full circle back to farming. Not the big business model of industrial farming but a sustainable ecosystem that would go the extra mile to raise healthier food.