Guest Blog Post by Jennifer Leonard, owner of Planet to People

The healing qualities of nature have been increasingly featured in both the popular media and research papers over the past handful of years. Books like The Nature Fix, by Florence Williams, and Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer have become quick best sellers for this reason. Some health care organizations, including insurance companies, have been making a push to “prescribe” time in nature as a way to help ameliorate the symptoms of some health conditions. So many of us understand this from our own experience: the calming feeling of being surrounded by trees or the lifting of the spirit that comes when we smell fresh pine trees after the rain. Its no wonder that in this past year, so many of us have found ways to go camping, hiking or picnicking in the national parks and local forests. In addition to the outdoors being safer during the pandemic, it has also helped us unplug from constant Zoom calls and the reduce the anxiety around unfolding world events.

Joshua and I created Planet to People to help people find their way back into nature after busy lives and time indoors has created distance from the environment. We believe each person can experience the healing power of the outdoors and reconnect to the innate shared rhythms of all living things. When you visit our Homestead and Retreat, you will find walking trails, gardens and guidance to help you start reconnecting with nature.

We now offer daytime workshops with partners in our community, along with customized overnight stays for those who wish to immerse themselves in nature. We have 2 retreat packages for those who want to make the most of their time with us. Our Reconnect with Nature Wellness Retreat is the perfect way to unplug, recenter and start some new healthy practices that support your overall wellness goals. Your personal health guide will help you find a variety of things you can learn here and continue at home so you can feel your best, even on your busy days. Our Escape to Wine Country Retreat is your chance to push pause on your over-scheduled weeks and spend time surrounded by nature, while enjoying the abundance of the Willamette Valley. This retreat is perfect for any 1 or 2 people looking for a change of scenery and break from the daily grind. We will be your concierge and take care of the details so you just have to show up, unplug and enjoy! All of our stays have optional add ons like breakfast, picnic meals, private yoga and acupuncture.

Planet to People Carlton OregonWe encourage those of you who live in more urban areas to stop by and take a walk on our trails. We even have a trail that will take you through a local vineyard to their estate tasting room!  Just spending a few minutes in nature can begin shifting your wellbeing and we are happy to provide that to our community and beyond. Looking forward to seeing you!

Jennifer Leonard Evolve Personal Wellness


Jennifer is co-owner of Planet to People, acupuncturist and health coach. It is her hope to bring awareness to the connections between health and climate change to empower people to live healthy lives.