Guest Blog Post by Stephanie Sherman, Owner & Candle Artisan at Sherman Candles

Sherman Candles McMinnville Oregon Sherman Candles is now offering private candle making classes. Owner & Candle Artisan extraordinaire Stephanie Sherman, who has over 20 years of candle making experience, will guide you on a magical candle making experience with lighthearted flare, fun & a bit of education!

Stephanie also has a comedic improvisation background, having attended Second City Chicago Improvisation & Acting classes, so there will be no shortness of laughter and good times with her amusing wit leading the class.

The entire process takes approximately two & a half hours & the suggested age is 15+.  All supplies are included to take home your very own candle made in class.  All times are approximate and depend on the amount of people in class. Smaller classes take about an hour & a half, depending on how many candles each person makes.

Sherman Candles McMinnville OregonThe candle supplies are set up “Buffet Style” and each attendee is provided with a tray to hold all of their ingredients.  The tray insert can be custom made for a specific party theme, will list all of the ingredients required for your candle vessel choice as well as list the scent choices. The scent choices (2) are pre-planned with the booking of the event. Choose from a large variety to go with your theme!

The vessels are placed on the appropriate side of the tray that dictates the scent choice.  There are two options of vessels to choose from: a Mercury Glass or a Travel Tin, both are 4oz. in size & have a burn time of approximately 10 to 15hrs.  Wicks, Herbs & Labels are also collected at the candle ingredient buffet!

After gathering supplies, everyone gets seated & the first step is learning how to wick the candle. We will have time to answer questions and learn a bit of the basics of candle making while writing down the attendee’s name on all inserts, labels & bags provided.

Sherman Candles McMinnville OregonStephanie will ensure that all have clear instructions and their vessels are on the correct side of the tray for their scent, then Stephanie will come around and pour soy wax into all vessels. It takes approximately 20mins to 30mins for the wax to cool enough before adding in herbs, this is a fantastic time to have a snack or taste some wine!

After the wax has cooled enough, everyone will come back to their candle and add their herbs & flowers to the top, cut down the wick to the appropriate length and learn about the importance of temperatures and scent flash points which are critical parts of the process.

Another break of about for more cooling and your candle will be ready to be labeled & packed up in the bags provided. The bliss of making your very own candle, in the company of close friends and family, is an experience you will never forget. The only issue is your candle will be so pretty that you may never want to burn it but never fear you can always book another candle class to make more!

Sherman Candles McMinnville OregonFor booking inquiries email for a quote.

Stephanie Sherman of Sherman Candles


Stephanie Sherman is the owner and candle artisan extraordinaire at Sherman Candles who has over 20 years of candle making experience.