Guest Blog Post by Audrey Horowitz, owner of Audrey Horowitz Piano Studio

It takes a lot of bravery to learn to play the piano. Students might play the wrong notes, make mistakes, or feel nervous playing for others. Learning can be a vulnerable experience which is why I teach piano with a positive growth mindset. 

A positive growth mindset is a personal belief that you can improve with effort, perseverance, and adaptation. Mistakes are going to happen but how to recover, move on, and improve is the key to learning the piano. I love helping students with new strategies and tools for problem solving. For every student I create an individualized lesson plan based on their musical goals, interests, and learning style. I have several years of experience working in special education in a Montessori environment and am skilled and passionate supporting all kinds of learners.

The upcoming school year is a popular time to try new extracurricular activities. If you or your child would like to join my piano studio, please reach out to set up a free 30 minute trial lesson to begin your musical journey.


Audrey has been teaching piano since 2013 and runs a piano studio in NW McMinnville for students from young beginners to senior citizens. She can also be found accompanying choirs at First Presbyterian Church of McMinnville and Amity High School. For more information about Audrey Horowitz Piano Studio visit her website at or by email