Guest Blog Post by Susan Cook & Sandrina Weller, with of Coaching to Connection

If you need to

  • unplug from your daily demands and distractions
  • get in touch with your underlying needs for shaping what’s next for you.  

After all those years of building your life, a career, maybe a family with kids who are grown up now, you’re sensing the changes on the horizon, and with these come insecurities and questions we will address together.

Did you know   that we can expect to live on average 20-30 years or more after “retiring” at 65? That’s a long time– what are you gonna do? Who do you want to become?  How do you feel about your own aging?

Your own future is what needs your attention now and this is the place and the time to reveal and reflect.

This special, exciting, challenging and spiritual time in women’s lives is the time to grow!

Together we will get in the “submarine” and dive deep into the places where your answers are waiting to be heard and transformed.

What’s magical is watching other women unfold their future stories before your eyes and feeling how deep and powerful the connection between all of us can be if we feel safe enough to open up.

Our days together will be filled with a unique and varied coaching group process that is always in the moment and always designed for  your group and each of you individually.

We follow and stimulate the needs and mood of the group as it serves each woman, too.

You will start seeing your life and yourself through a new lens, get ideas about what steps you might take next, get to know other women and find yourself in their stories. You will know you’re not alone.

Our program is tailor-made with you!

We create each day’s schedule together as a group. There is structured, intensive coaching time, time to digest and reflect alone, and time to enjoy the setting.

You will be moved, touched, and provoked to create a pathway that speaks to who you’re becoming.

This retreat is much more than a talking circle; it is deep exploration, reflection,  honesty, and courage for assembling the next version of your life.

“To grow into our largest best selves, we must be able to claim our own lives.  We need to sort out what we truly desire and then go for it.”

Mary Pipher said it beautifully – this is why we all came here! Let’s go for it.

SAVE the date! September 23-27, 2024 Lincoln City, Oregon

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Or make a coffee date with us and find out if we “click” :-)

ABOUT THE AUTHORS— Susan Cook & Sandrina Weller


As a lifelong counselor and life coach, Susan embodies her craft.

Being a Professional Certified Retirement Coach and someone who is in the last chapters of her life, she understands the urgency for folks to take inventory of what’s still important to be lived.

“This is the time you have to make sure there are no regrets in order to feel fulfilled by caring for your unfinished dreams.”

She is always looking for openings where she can support others to believe in themselves.

She has always had a natural and passionate interest in what makes people “tick”– what makes each person uniquely who they are.

In her role as coach, Susan hears and senses patterns in people that both support and obstruct their self-development.

She sees her work as guiding people into their essence and authenticity; the most effective place from which to live and make decisions.

From her training with a Master’s degree in counseling and through numerous years of experience both in education and business settings, Susan can easily relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

She helps her clients chip away at their own interior sculpture waiting to be revealed and shaped. Susan is a passionate “life teacher!”


As a bi-national citizen, Sandy brings a unique perspective to her coaching work with women.

Having grown up and co-managed a German Youth Hostel and later living in Dubai for 5 years, she learned how to not only live among different languages and cultures but to understand the difference between words and meanings.

Sandy, although a fluent English speaker, is always translating through the lens of language, culture, and meaning.

She can see that the same language speakers constantly assume meaning through what is being said, yet often miss what is being said.

Sandy uses this asset to slow down communication with her clients in profound ways so that deeper inquiry and reflection can occur.

Sandy was trained at the Migge Coaching Institute in Germany where she got her certification as a Systemic Integrative Coach.

These special coaching tools and processes help her to focus on supporting her clients to “jump the system” of their chronic thinking and behavior patterns and open a wide perspective on the bigger picture of the various systems they belong to.

Sandy’s background as a horseback riding instructor, co-owner of an organic food store, youth hostel manager, administrator, and bookkeeper for a network of churches, as well as raising 2 children give her a wide scope of life experience in understanding the complex context of her client’s lives.

She is curious, fun, and deeply committed to the challenges and dilemmas women are facing today.