Guest Article by Laura Mackie, the Rooted Life Coach

I grew up in Yamhill County.

As many young people, my heart yearned to soar and I called other places home for a period. A few years ago I moved back to McMinnville and brought my family along with me.

A piece of me has always been rooted to the area (I still have family here) and coming back easily felt like coming home. We now own a house, have increased our family by one, and both my husband and I have started businesses here. We are creating our own new roots in this place.

As we all grow and change, pieces of us are left along the way. Sometimes we get to a certain point in our lives where we may feel less than whole and maybe even wonder how we got where we are. When we get to this point we’ve lost touch with our roots. Finding our way back home becomes necessary, but not in the physical sense, in the sense of coming home to ourselves.

I am a product of my product. I have experienced the profound transformations that happen when you invest in yourself and your healing. The ripple effect of finding my roots has been incredible and I am happy to be passing this on to others through life coaching and bodywork, hence the name of my businesses!

From graduating Mac High, attending Linfield for my bachelors, exploring the northwest from Portland to Alaska, attending massage school in Bellingham, and finally settling back in my hometown of McMinnville…there has been a lot of learning and living along the way. With all the searching I’ve done though, it was surprising to find that the one thing I was looking for was right within me the entire time! My roots, my home, is me. I am so pleased to be here and even more pleased to be helping others create a life they love too.


Laura is the owner Rooted Life Coaching and Rooted Massage & Bodywork in McMinnville.