Spring is winding down. The peonies have bloomed with such fantastic flare, and now dropping their petals like 4th of July fireworks. The lupine has gone to seed, providing a feast for the birds. The iris is ending the show with an encore of sputtering blooms. Spring is in the home stretch and summer is fast on her heels.

It’s early morning on the farm, barely light, a rooster crows as I start my daily routine of walking the gardens, feeding animals, checking the farm, coffee in hand I head out. I mutter to myself, noting my to-do list as I shuffle along the path, saying hello to tender flowers starts that greet me.

The gardens are starting to come into their own. There’s only a few more beds to clean out and replant. Maybe I’ll plant some sunflowers or happy zinnias? I set the sprinkler on our vegetable garden, which is already providing us with loads of bounty. The sound of the tick-tick-tick-swoosh of the water reminds me of long, hot summer days. I put down my coffee cup, pull a few straggling weeds, and pick up my basket filling it with some fresh strawberries for breakfast. The sweet taste as I steal one for myself reminds me that summer is truly on its way. I add making strawberry jam to that ever-growing to-do list. I head in with full hands, and it’s totally fine because I’ve lost my coffee cup in the garden anyway. Setting my goodies down on the porch, I start to water and fertilize my hanging baskets. They look amazing this year, brightening up my porch with lush pops of color and a little whimsy.

I hear laughter from the farm studio. The crew has arrived and they are bustling about getting ready for the day. Weeding is on the list, along with clearing out beds and replanting. Spring ranunculus and anemones are coming out and in their place are going in heirloom mums, Asters and lisianthus.

I pass by a stand of snapdragons and the sweet, spicy scent pulls me in for a sniff. I think about how much joy it brings to be able to grow so many beautiful blooms for local weddings and events. Just to know all the hard work that goes into farming our flowers that will be tucked into bridal bouquets and event designs makes it all worth it. Sharing our little farm and gardens with others this year has been so special, we combine wine and flowers at our Friday nights out – Sip and Clips. Seeing the folks smile, laugh and enjoy the evening makes me thoroughly enjoyed Spring and I just want to savor the last few weeks, then I will be ready to embrace Summer. More blooms to come, more beauty to behold, and I feel like I’m just getting started.


Hello I’m Beth from Crowley House Flower Farm just outside of Rickreall, Oregon. My love for the garden, flowers and family have taken me on a journey I didn’t expect was possible. I’ve been farming flowers and designing events, weddings and teaching classes for over 10 years now. The journey hasn’t always been easy but its been beautiful and I’m happy to share it with you today.