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The bus will pick up the campers in McMinnville at 8:00 AM and travel to Reber’s Riverside where the campers will be greeted with excitement as they prepare their fishing gear and get ready to cast their lines into the tranquil waters of the private fishing pond. With the guidance of our dedicated volunteers, the children will learn valuable fishing techniques and have the chance to reel in some impressive trout.
The presence of the Yamhill County Sheriff, Fire Department, and Oregon State Marine Board will not only ensure the safety of all participants but also add a special touch to the event. Campers will have the opportunity to interact with these community heroes and learn more about their important roles in keeping our surroundings safe.

After a fun-filled morning of fishing and outdoor adventure, the campers will gather to enjoy a delicious lunch of burgers and hot dogs, sharing stories of their fishing escapades and bonding over their shared love for the great outdoors.

As the day winds down, the campers will board the bus once more, their hearts full of memories made and new friendships forged. Ready to share their exciting tales with their families, they will return to the McMinnville Drop-Off Site by 2:30 PM, eager to recount the day’s adventures and looking forward to the next exciting event at camp.

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