It’s taken about two years of writing, re-writing, taking photos, and more photos to publish our little book Furrow & Flour. My older sister Sarah Kuenzi and I Beth Syphers, the writers along with Emma Dixon the photographer worked day and night. At times the work halted to a stop our brains’ void of the inspiration that once drove us on this writer’s path but in the end it all pulled together and the book has finally here., Furrow & Flour is  now available for pre- order and out April 4th, 2023

Holding the book in my hands feels unreal actually, running my hand over the smooth cover with lilacs blooming in shades of lavenders, pages full of words that flow together, inspiring the mind, the smell of new paper fresh off the press and the photos bringing life to the stories in the most magical way. Furrow & Flour is full of family stories, life lessons, and inspiration from the garden and for the home. 

“Come in and make yourself comfortable.

These words, in whatever language, are known the world over. They offer a drink to the thirsty, food for the hungry, a place for shelter from the rain; along with safety,peace,inspiration, conversation,and friendship. 

We four sisters were born in the space of five years and grew up as the eldest of twelve Martin siblings in a country house on a hill overlooking the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Our Lives were shaped by the four seasons, which is also how the narrative of Furrow & Flour unfolds.”

With input from our other sisters Amber Tiede and Mary Dixon who write on the blog with us the book was born. We welcome you the reader to cozy up in a comfy chair, a cup of hot tea or coffee by your side and take a moment for yourself to get lost in the pages of Furrow & Flower.

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Hello I’m Beth from Crowley House Flower Farm just outside of Rickreall, Oregon. My love for the garden, flowers and family have taken me on a journey I didn’t expect was possible. I’ve been farming flowers and designing events, weddings and teaching classes for over 10 years now. The journey hasn’t always been easy but its been beautiful and I’m happy to share it with you today.