Tell us a bit about your business: What does your business offer, and how long have you been around?

Youngberg Hill is Oregon’s premier wine & lodging destination. Our beautiful estate is the closest vineyard wine experience to downtown McMinnville and offers an exceptionally welcoming environment that will have you fall in love with life all over again.

Youngberg Hill sits on a 50-acre hilltop surrounded by an impressive 32-year old vineyard that is farmed organically and is known for producing award-winning wines and the most exquisite views helping to make us one of Wine Spectator’s favorite locations.

Youngberg Hill is a female-owned and operated vineyard and winery. As passionate farmers and winemakers, we are thrilled to share, educate, and talk wine.

Youngberg Hill also specializes in exclusive, romantic, and personalized private events. We have everything you need in one fabulous location.

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How did you decide to get involved in this line of work? How did the business get started? Where is it now?

Nicolette took a great leap of faith in 2003 and moved to the Willamette Valley to make wine. Having found Youngberg Hill, she knew she had found her future forging a dream come true.

Nicolette, along with Wayne (winemaker/winegrower), rolled up their sleeves and got to work, endlessly putting their heart and soul into making the best wines by focusing on creating a sustainable vineyard. Through loving improvements to the vineyard and expansion to over 23 acres under vine, Nicolette and Wayne forged ahead with solid and stable winemaking practices resulting in award-winning wines.

Initially only offering Pinot Noir, Nicolette inspired Wayne to expand the vision, including Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Rosé, Grenache, Syrah, Port, and Sparkling Wine.

As they continued to build their business, Wayne focused on farming practices and winemaking while Nicolette concentrated on company direction, brand building, and product expansion.

With the continued development of new varietals, expansion, and improvement of the vineyard, it was the right time to create their new reserve brand, Bailey Family Wines, the crown jewel of the winery.

Tell us a couple things you are proud of about your business. What are you known for? What separates you from the competition?

We are the only women-owned and operated, self-sustained business of its kind in Oregon.

Founded in 1989, Youngberg Hill aspires to create the very best wine from the grapes grown in each vintage. We focus on growing the highest quality of grapes possible and managing the fruit through fermentation. By limiting yields and restraining barrel treatment, we produce fine wines that give a pure expression of our beautiful vineyard and its terroir.

We love supporting the community, both Willamette Valley and Wine, in a way that gives back to everyone.

What is your favorite part of running this business?

Our amazing staff and the guests that come as guests but leave as family.

Who is your ideal customer/client? 

Whether you are new to wine or an experience oenophile, you will find something truly special in what we offer.

Are there any special promotions or special events that you’d like to mention?

Youngberg Hill McMinnville OregonWe offer wine specials throughout the year along with ongoing events, including our Wine Wednesday Summer Music series, our annual blending party, and the annual Easter Bottle Hunt to mention a few. You can stay connected to us by following us on social media (Facebook, Insta) or join our wine club to receive first allocations of our amazing wines, special discounts and promotions that are not available to the general public.

Is there any other information you’d like your potential customers/clients to know about your business?

 We are the closest vineyard wine experience to downtown McMinnville with the best view in the valley.

How do you see your business growing and improving over the next few years?

Wine is only as good as the soil and farming practices in the vineyard. This philosophy is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our biodynamic farm practices will improve our thriving vineyard and thus the wines in your glass.

This year, we are improving our already fantastic tasting room and deck area so more people can enjoy this beautiful location.

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