GIOVINGO VINEYARDS produces low yield, high quality Estate Oregon Pinot Noir aged in oak barrels.

TONY & EMI GIOVINGO manage this family-run vineyard and purchased the property in 2001 when the vineyard was in its third leaf. Tony was educated at Chemeketa Community College’s Northwest Viticulture Center in Salem. He began tending the vines and sold grapes to local wineries in the area and received praise for the quality of the fruit.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to remain small so we can concentrate on the craft that we love, ensuring that the quality of our wine remains the key focus at Giovingo Vineyards.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to produce low yields, accept only the highest quality clusters, handle the ripened grapes as little as possible to prevent damage and age our wine in oak barrels.


Address:  Carlton, Oregon

Phone:  503.577.9170

Giovingo Vineyards
Giovingo Vineyards
Giovingo Vineyards