Guest Blog Post by Anna Bergum, with Willamette Valley Real Estate Team

At face value, the Willamette Valley Real Estate Team is one of the top producing real estate teams in Yamhill County.  However, our business model, purpose, and structure goes much deeper than that.  We’re really here to serve needs in the community, and go about this purpose in a few different ways:

  1. We work with clients who are either selling a home in the community, looking for a home in the area, or doing both.  Our job is to not only provide a service, but to also serve in such a way that protects our client’s head, heart, and wallet:

Head-  We keep the process of buying and selling from becoming a headache.

Heart- We want you to feel good about your purchase or sale.

Wallet- We work to keep as much money in your wallet as possible, while helping you reach your goals, and serving you well.

  1. We partner with local sponsors like Fjelland Floors, Rick King with Evergreen Home Loans, Larissa DeHart with Farmers Insurance, and Morris Carpet Cleaning of Oregon; to provide a box truck that clients and local non-profits get to use for FREE.  Whether it’s a client using the truck to move in or out of a new home, the Kiwanis club filling the truck with shoe donations for families in the community, or a local school stuffing the truck with soda cans to raise money for new playground equipment, we’re working together to serve community needs.

  2. We team up with a local non-profit each year, by providing funds, promoting the organization, and being present for events.  Last year we sponsored and highlighted “See Ya Later” Foundation, while this year our focused support is for Hope on the Hill.  An organization whose mission is: “Helping our community by providing food, clothing, toiletries, and wood for heat.”

When it comes down to it, the Willamette Valley Real Estate Team isn’t so much a “what,” but a “who.”  We’re a local team of four experienced and skilled real estate professionals, who are like minded in our desire to serve our clients and community well.  We love McMinnville, and put that love into action.


Anna is a long time Oregonian, who moved away from the crowded Portland Metro area to McMinnville in 2016. Her and her husband, Brent, moved here seeking a smaller community to raise their three children in.  Anna was invited onto the Willamette Valley Real Estate Team in 2018 as Transaction Coordinator for Jon Gross. Since then, Anna has become a licensed real estate agent, and now balances multiple roles on the team.