Guest Blog Post by Susan Fehrenbacher, Owner & Head Chocolatier of Suzy’s Chocolates, LLC

Have you found your passion in life?  That thing you really love to do or love to make?  Maybe you have a hobby.  Maybe it’s your business.  Or maybe you’re still searching for it (and, if that’s the case, don’t give up!).  I am so thrilled to share that I’ve found mine!  My passion:  I LOVE to make chocolates.  Not just any ordinary chocolates, but really fancy, artistic chocolates that are hand-made with extreme attention to detail and lots of love.

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Susan Fehrenbacher.  I am the owner and head chocolatier of Suzy’s Chocolates, LLC based in McMinnville, Oregon.  I started my chocolate business in 2018 out of a long-time desire to do something creative and to connect with my community.  Through selling at various pop-up markets, farmers markets and holiday events, I’ve met so many amazing people including customers, vendors and other community members.  I love the challenge and I love that I am allowed the opportunity to bring joy and happiness to people through my chocolates.

I didn’t always know that chocolates were my passion.  Before turning chocolates into my business, I pursued many different interests which included becoming a certified dog trainer, learning how to make cheese, sewing purses, making jewelry and more.  I was on a mission to find “my thing”.  I always enjoyed cooking, baking and everything to do with being in the kitchen.  So, one day, I decided to take a chocolate class.  It altered my life.  It was so fascinating to me.  Chocolate is one of those things that requires both the technical side of the brain as well as the creative/artistic side of the brain, so I really took to it.  I kept learning and practicing, reading so many books, experimenting, taking more classes, and eventually decided to start my own business.  I am so grateful that I did.  I have found my passion and through this passion, I have found joy.

One of my favorite things about Suzy’s Chocolates, LLC is that I get to work with local vendors and local ingredients.  We have such an abundance of local goods right here in the Willamette Valley.  We have some extremely talented farmers and makers who have so much to offer.  I use local products for everything I can such as the hazelnuts, raspberries, strawberries, wine, honey, lavender, cream and basil.  I gather many ingredients from farmers markets and local farms to incorporate into my chocolates.  It makes me feel good that through my business, I get to support and connect with so many local, small businesses and others within our community.

Also, I flat out just love the process of making chocolates.  It’s tedious, challenging, can be frustrating at times, but it keeps me learning and growing.  When that little gem of a treat pops out of the mold all bright, shiny and beautiful, I can’t help but to feel proud and accomplished.  Like something special just happened.  Even better, when you bite into that glorious little chocolate, it tastes like the combination of magic and joy have just melded onto your tongue, giving you a reason to feel happiness right then and there.  What could top that?  Well, sharing that experience in the form of a beautiful gift with someone for whom you care, of course.  Customers can pick and choose which flavors they want to include in their gift box of artisan chocolates.  Or I can choose for you.  Either way, I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to help my customers create that perfect gift for someone special or to treat themselves to a few pieces of very fine, artisan chocolates.

Want to try some for yourself?  Maybe you want to get your mom a box of artisan chocolates for Mother’s Day (May 9th)?  I would love to help!  Please visit my website at or follow me on Instagram/Facebook (@suzyschocolates).  Feel free to email your order requests to  I provide free delivery within McMinnville and ship anywhere within the US.  If you’re ever at the McMinnville Farmer’s Market (Thursdays, Noon – 6:00, starting in May), please stop by my booth and say hi!  I’d love to meet you and help you pick out your favorite flavors of artisan chocolates.

Enjoy and be happy!!


Susan grew up on a farm and ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon. She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. After college, she moved to Southern California where she worked as an engineer and held various corporate leadership positions in Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations, and Regulatory Affairs, the majority of which were in medical device manufacturing. After she and her husband had their daughter in 2015, they decided to move home to Oregon to be closer to family and decided upon McMinnville. Susan maintained her medical device manufacturing job while working from home. The move and the shift to working from home made Susan realize her desire to pursue something more creative and to further connect with the people in her new community. And so, a chocolatier was born.