Guest Blog Post by Stephanie Shelton, owner of The Brain and Body Collective

Were you bullied in school because the hair on your back poked out from your shirt collar?  Did you tweeze your brows too much, and now you only have 12 hairs left on each brow?  Are you ready to enter the dating scene after a 20-year hiatus and want your area “down there” to be hair-free and in tip-top shape?

Do you know where to go?  What type of business to look into?  Who does those kinds of procedures? Is it safe?  Does it work?  Can your hair be safely removed without causing damage to your skin?

Welcome to the world of Aesthetics, and welcome to 2024, where regardless of gender, skin type, or body type, we’ve got the answers to your questions and a treatment tailored to you.

The Brain and Body Collective – Alternative Pathways to Health & Wellness. 

Stephanie is the founder and clinical practitioner at The Brain and Body Collective, a locally-owned Alternative Wellness Medical Spa blocks from downtown McMinnville.  She specializes in not only laser hair removal (the most requested treatment), lymphatic therapy, and cosmetic tattooing.  She also treats skin care concerns such as acne, stretch marks, and scars.  Stephanie is no stranger to serving others.  She has an extensive background in patient care thanks to her roles in Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, and GYN.  Serving others is built into her DNA, from assisting her clients as a Realtor to holding her brides’ hands as a bridal salon manager.

“All this experience I’ve accumulated culminates under the roof of my medical spa where I can be a business that contributes to and serves the members of our community, which helps keep the money local.” The Brain and Body Collective has been – is – always will be devoted to the community

Her first priority is to make her clients feel safe, welcomed and for them to know everything is confidential.  She is there to listen to their concerns, find out the “why” behind the treatment they want, and work with them to achieve the best results.

“I’m assisting clients who have depression, embarrassment and anxiety from their physical scars and the emotional toll left by those scars.  I realize I’m treating more than just the physical body when treating them.  It’s deeper than just getting rid of hair on their lip. I’m helping them with their self-esteem. Self-esteem is everything.”

Some of Stephanie’s clients have been with her since the beginning in 2018.  Her medical spa opened as The Junke Yard – Yes, your junke IS my business (a little play on the word “junk”), but as the business evolved, so did its name, which led to the Brain and Body Collective. 

 You are invited to make an appointment to see how you feel in her space, and get your questions answered or your skin treated.  Her schedule is “by appointment only”.  When you have an upcoming reunion, wedding, or date, or if you need gift certificates for a company event, she’s just a phone call away.  503.421.2952

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Stephanie has been in the PNW since 1983, when her family moved to a dairy farm outside Spokane, WA. After high school, she moved to the Portland area, where she stayed until moving out to McMinnville in 2013.

Her latest adventure has been rescuing a Pitbull, Millie, from a high-kill shelter in Cali. She was scheduled to be killed the very morning Stephanie picked her up. Millie is her first dog ever. The transition has been relatively smooth. Although, she is looking for a trainer experienced with Pitties and shelter dogs to assist with some behaviors that need tweaking.

Still, she’s just so grateful that Millie and her grumpy Calico aren’t terrorizing each other! “If Millie doesn’t chase, Sissy doesn’t run…so we’re all good!”