Guest Blog Post by Jennifer Behnke, founder of Thrive Integrative Psychiatry

Depression & anxiety stealing the joy out of life? Stuck in survival mode? Thrive Integrative Psychiatry can help with that. See why Yamhill County residents trust Thrive to help them live their best life

Thrive Integrative Psychiatry is on a mission to help people live their best life through advanced psychiatric care and true compassion. Thrive specializes in treating depression and anxiety utilizing brain stimulation, skills training, counseling, nutritional support, and medication optimization. “Our program is like physical therapy for the brain”, said owner and Medical Director, Jennifer Behnke, APN-BC, PMHNP. “In my 17 years of mental health practice I’ve learned that often meds and counseling just aren’t enough. Our integrative treatment program here at Thrive is so rewarding because we get to witness people truly take back their life”.

Thrive is a family run business and aims to treat everyone coming in the door like part of the family. “Many on our team have struggled with mental health personally or with loved ones. It’s what draws us to this work and motivates us to be part of the solution for our community”. Thrive patients report the Thrive team is “kind, compassionate, and consistent”, and that they feel “safe and cared for every step of the way”.

Thrive seeks to build awareness that depression is real, suicide is preventable, and they are here to help. “It’s heartbreaking to lose folks in our community to suicide. We want people to know that safe and effective treatment is available right here at home. We want people to know there is hope”. Thrive accepts all major commercial insurance including Tricare. For more information about Thrive’s services call 503.379.0208 or email You can also learn more about Thrive and read patient testimonials at


Jennifer Behnke is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with a passion for utilizing neuroscience and evidence-based alternative therapies to alleviate mental illness and cultivate optimal wellness.

Jennifer founded Thrive Integrative Psychiatry in 2018 to serve her community with person-centered cutting edge treatment. She is a member of the Clinical TMS Society, an international professional association dedicated to optimizing clinical practice, awareness, and accessibility of TMS therapy.