Interview with Alejandro Martinez Jr. of Legacy Paving & Construction, LLC in McMinnville

Tell us a bit about your business: What does your business offer, and how long have you been around? We offer a variety of services, from grading to paving, excavation and line striping. We like to pride ourselves as a one stop shop for our clients. This gives us more control over our schedule and we can guarantee project completion dates. We’ve only been in business for a year but the relationships and references we have and the experience we carry really helps us in gaining trust in our local community and we are grateful for that.

How did you decide to get involved in this line of work? How did the business get started? I started when I was 18 and I worked for an asphalt contractor. Working on large highway improvement projects. Through the opportunities they provided I was able to learn a lot during that time, and after many conversations with my family we were able to save up enough money to start our own business. It’s always been a dream of ours to start a business that can be passed down as a Legacy.

Tell us a couple things you are proud of about your business. What are you known for? What separates you from the competition? A couple things that I am proud of is the fact that we never try to sell a service just to make a profit. The services we provide are temperature sensitive so if I know that it is something that can wait I always try to let our customers know. We also never try to pressure our customers to move forward on a project that they may not be ready for. I’ve always looked at my business as a way to create repeat customers. At the end of the day we will do our best to accommodate and approach every project with detail and integrity.

What is your favorite part of running this business? My favorite part is meeting and building relationships within the community.

Who is your ideal customer/client? Who do you serve best?  Our customer base is really open, we serve everyone in the same capacity. Being that we are in the paving industry we serve all sorts of customers from government agencies to commercial and residential customers. In other words, by choosing us, we try to give everyone the best service possible.

Are there any special promotions or special events that you’d like to mention? At the beginning of the year we can run promotions for seal coat or paving for upcoming projects. If you give us a call I can see what we can do for you and how to work around budgets, timing and availability.

Is there any other information you’d like your potential customers/clients to know about your business?  If there is a paving project in mind please call us now, January-March are the months where we can plan, budget and help communicate details prior to paving. So by spring or summer we can put it on the calendar and guarantee our services on your schedule.

How do you see your business growing and improving over the next few years?  Over the next few years we hope we can invest more into our equipment and expand into other ventures that have to do with the construction industry in the Pacific Northwest.

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