Spa Bliss was McMinnville’s first premiere beauty spa in 2005, and has evolved over the last 18 years into a Luxury Day Spa, Med Spa, Beauty Spa and Oasis Experience. Our 5,000 square foot Spa offers everything from Cutting Edge Skin and Body Solutions, to Laser Hair Removal, Beauty Services, and a Oasis Experience designed for the ultimate relaxation and care, while additionally hosting events, parties and spa days in our Garden Bungalow. Spa Bliss is a family business, owned and operated by myself and my mother, with the help of her husband Todd, who also is a massage therapist at Spa Bliss. We are both Aestheticians who are still working hands-on with our dearest clients.

We are known for our custom created spa, with 16 foot curtains, roman inspired decor with a modern touch, and a warming and cozy ambiance that you can’t get anywhere else. Additionally, our uniquely curated bliss facials, designed from 30+ years of experience: every touch counts! In addition to the development of our own expertise, we equally enjoy sharing our educational guidance with other hardworking Aestheticians and Massage Therapists at Spa Bliss. Our entire team will give you the ultimate Bliss Experience. We all share one absolute, which is our care and passion for this industry, and what it offers to others. Anyone who is interested in feeling deep relaxation, a skin transformation, and indulgence, you will always find this with us.

This Winter, we are expanding our spa with 8 new spa amenities: Multiple Sauna Variations, Cold Plunge, Mineral Soaks, Changing Rooms, a Lounge, Pop-Up Workshops and more! We are most excited to introduce our new membership tiers, designed for our local community, to positively impact the lives of the people of McMinnville! This December we will be selling early bird memberships with VIP perks to indulge in all of our spa amenities and services. These memberships will come in three different tiers, with our top membership being our BLISS VIP ALL-ACCESS, available limitedly.

In the next upcoming years, we plan to keep expanding our technology, our services, and perfecting your experience as our guest. Until then, we would love to meet you, pamper you and serve your purpose at Spa Bliss!

We hope to see you soon,

Team Spa Bliss

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