2023-09-14T09:15:00-07:00June 11th, 2023|

Guest Blog Post by Karla Erovick, owner of Magnetic Marketing & Social Media

Being an introvert on social media can be a challenge. You know you SHOULD put yourself out there and be visible for your business and yet it can feel terrifying if you

Coaching to Connection

2024-01-16T09:32:37-08:00April 30th, 2023|

Guest Blog Post by Susan Cook and Sandy Weller, owners of Coaching to Connection

What we offer:

Women’s Awareness Workshops

Mid-life and beyond exploration workshop

One on one coaching and couples coaching

Informational group talks

We believe.

Each person has purpose and a calling– an impulse, a knowing that becomes layered over, betrayed, or lost and forgotten. Our passion

Furrow & Flour

2023-04-15T08:44:28-07:00April 2nd, 2023|


It’s taken about two years of writing, re-writing, taking photos, and more photos to publish our little book Furrow & Flour. My older sister Sarah Kuenzi and I Beth Syphers,

Chris James Cellars

2023-03-22T06:42:41-07:00March 19th, 2023|

Guest Blog Post by Beth Barnes, Owner & Operator Chris James Cellars

Chris James Cellars is a local boutique winery and vineyard that is family owned and operated by Beth and Chris Barnes. Our estate vineyard is west of

Give your kids less screen time and more green time!

2023-02-21T06:06:18-08:00February 19th, 2023|

Guest Blog Post by Amy Nelson, with Outdoor Education Adventures

Outdoor Science Explorers (OSE) is a seasonal enrichment program that gets kids outside playing, adventuring, and learning.  This nature immersion program for kids 5-11 years old is designed to build self-reliance and social skills, and

Thrive Integrative Psychiatry

2023-02-15T08:43:59-08:00January 22nd, 2023|

Guest Blog Post by Jennifer Behnke, founder of Thrive Integrative Psychiatry

Depression & anxiety stealing the joy out of life? Stuck in survival mode? Thrive Integrative Psychiatry can help with that. See why Yamhill County residents trust Thrive to help them live their best life

Legacy Paving & Construction

2023-02-15T08:43:52-08:00January 8th, 2023|

Interview with Alejandro Martinez Jr. of Legacy Paving & Construction, LLC in McMinnville

Tell us a bit about your business: What does your business offer, and how long have you been around? We offer a variety of services, from grading to paving, excavation and

How I Got Started and the Meaning Behind Parthena’s Boutique

2023-04-18T08:53:02-07:00November 27th, 2022|

Guest Blog Post by Jessica Hesedahl, owner of Parthena’s Boutique

First, let me tell you about the meaning behind the name Parthena. My great X 3 grandma was a seamstress in the earlier 1900’s. She would sew/tailor clothing for major department stores for a living. As a young child I remember watching her

Seeds of Hope

2023-04-20T05:54:46-07:00October 30th, 2022|

Guest Blog Post by Kennedy Amundson, Executive Assistant with “See Ya Later” Foundation

Seeds of Hope, a program of the “See Ya Later” Foundation does incredible things. How do I know? Because I myself was once on the receiving end of their

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